Boleslaw Polnar
 Boleslaw Polnar Works Polski

Boleslaw Polnar was born at Opole in 1952.
He graduated in Cracow Academy of Art, earning his degree in graphic art in 1977. Although well endo-wed with all forms of art, it is painting, drawing and poster, which has become his artistic domain. Being well known in native Poland and abroad, he holds many awards, both domestic and foreign, springing from his rare talent and unique, unpretentious style. He has enjoyed his work being exhibited in galleries and museums long before his graduation from art school. Today, majority of his work can be found in various private collections thorough Europe and US as well as in some museums.

List of major painting exhibitions include:
Potsdam, Branderburg, Luckewalde (Germany '85), Helsinborg (Sweden '86), Paris (France '88), Schwabish Hall, Duren (Germany '90), Reutlingen (Germany '91), San Francisko (USA '91 and '92), Bourg en Bresse (France .93), Art Montpellieur (with poster, France '93), Ostrawa (Czech '94), Chartres (France '95). Philadelphia, Clark, N.J, New York, Washington (USA '96), Paris (France ,96). Schawäbisch Hall Goethe Institut (Germany '98), Strzelin, Skalna Gallery (Poland '99).



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